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FTX-sample is the Automatic trading program for FTX

How to use

  • Register your account on FTX.
  • Create an FTX API key and set it in the .env file.
  • Install and start this program.


  • Go to https://ftx.com/profile and click the "Create API Key" button in the "API Key" section. Copy the created API key and API secret key.

Install and start

$ git clone git@github.com:edo1z/ftx-sample.git
$ cd ftx-sample
$ npm install
$ vim .env
$ vim config/index.js
$ node main




  • This file is used for automatic transaction settings.
module.exports = {
  amountPerTransaction: 1,
  minTradeAmountDiff: 750000,
  maxSpreadRate: 0.0015,
  minProfitRate: 0.0001,
  maxLossRate: 0.001,
  maxLossRateOfModifyOrder: 0.0005,
  orderTimeLimit: 10,
  counterOrderTimeLimit: 30,
  markets: ['ETH-PERP'],
  • amountPerTransaction is the amount per transaction ($)
    • For example, if this parameter is 100 and ETH is $350, you will buy and sell about 0.28 ETH in one trade.
  • minTradeAmountDiff is the difference between Bid and Ask size over a period of time.
  • maxSpreadRate is the maximum spread that can be traded automatically.
  • minProfitRate is the profit rate when making a profitable order by automatic trading
  • maxLossRate is the loss rate when making a loss cut order for the market
  • maxLossRateOfModifyOrder is the loss rate when resetting the order price to the current price
  • orderTimeLimit is the valid order time (seconds)
  • counterOrderTimeLimit is the valid time for counter orders. When the valid time expires, reset the current price.
  • markets is a list of markets for automatic trading